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Sheep eye socket Pure natural genuine Male delay ring

Sheep eye socket Pure natural genuine Male delay ring

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21,75 LEI

29,00 LEI

(price reduced by 25 %)

Room prior to this product soaked in warm water10-20Minutes, and intercourse sets Coronal or roots of the penis after use water to clean dry for later use.

However, this kind of thing is actually not so exaggerated useful up to experience the fun of it.

A lot of customer feedback, this product is easy to hair loss is easy to break, something relatively affordable, quality in general, for everyone to experience, do not recommend asking too much of customers to buy Oh, Thank pro-understanding and support!


This product can effectively stimulate the sensitive parts of the female body, give you bursts of dumb and Fiat. This product is to enhance the taste of married life, improve the quality of married life, a good role in promoting, in particular, contribute to the recovery of female frigidity.

Extraordinary strong stimulation, it can be for women to stimulate sexual desire and orgasm constantly. While allowing the man the freedom to control ejaculation time. The process of married life, sets in on condom use, can play a role in delaying ejaculation,Make it easier for women to reach orgasm.

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