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Spirulina Chinese | seaweed slimming capsule

Seaweed slimming capsule

-Reduce fat and nourishes

Natural recipe, easy absorption, weight loss risk

After 20 days lose between 6-15 kg.


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55,00 LEI

Seaweed slimming capsule. Wild seaweed, grows in Lake Cinhai and unlike cultivated Spirulina contains a powerful combination of substances extremely rare and very valuable for the human body.

Reduce fat and nourishes

Natural recipe, easy absorption, weight loss risk

After 20 days lose between 6-15 kg.

Lose weight quickly and reduce fat deposits accumulated.

The weight loss is visible from the early days, 20 days after the appearance of visible skin changes after 40 days with an all new look, remove the left belly, reduce fat deposits, smoothes skin and restores them smooth structure.

Microalgae is somewhere between the realms of flora and fauna, offering unique nutritional benefits. In the dehydrated state, besides chlorophyll in microalgae and we find a rich source of protein, beta-carotene and nucleic acids, they contain elements of fact, any other food, meat or vegetable. Large amount of RNA and DNA from microalgae, especially Spirulina platensis, justifying trust specialists as cell regeneration and slowing the aging process. Content rich in gamma-linolenic acid (FFA), and prostaglandin, making spirulina enhance immunity factor worthy of attention, especially by people who lack the AGL.

According to traditional Chinese principles of nutrition and dietoterapiei, spirulina has the following properties: smell slightly salty, cool energy, increases the secretion of fluids Yin, very nutritious, kidney and liver detoxification, improves the quality of blood, clean blood vessels, inhibits development fungi, bacteria and ferments.

Presentation: 60 capsules

Administration: 2 pills morning half an hour before breakfast

Consumption is not recommended by: children under 16 years, pregnant women, persons heart, kidney disease, people with hypertension, diabetes mellitus or other contraindications.

Warranty: 24 months

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